Sprix anyone?

Hi all,

My Dr. Recently prescribed me Sprix nasal spray and I am wondering if anyone else has experience the joys of the burning nasal cavities? Lol in all seriousness I don’t know much about this drug so I just wanted some insight. Seems weird to be prescribed something for pain when I don’t get pain so much as dizzy.

What kind of Doctor? Sprix is also an anti-inflammatory. Perhaps their intention is to see if calming your sinuses or middle ear will improve your symptoms?



I’ve a friend who gets most MAV symptoms but is undiagnosed. She always blames her sinuses and says she has sinus headaches. She takes Sudafed with Paraceutomol (included in medicine), and reckons it stops her vertigo quickly. Within less than half an hour. Sudafed without the built-in painkiller doesn’t work at all, and she says she’s no pain. A mystery to me but there it is. Helen

Ah this makes sense. It’s my neurologist. He’s one of the top Drs in the area for MAV and related issues. I have noticed that I tend to get sinus pressure. What’s interesting is that I am on the elimination diet and since being on it I haven’t needed to take any allergy medications. I did have a run in with some Chinese chicken fried rice that I thought was safe and had an attack. I tried the Sprix and although it burned, I felt better than good after.

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