St John's Wort

Has anyone tried St John’s Wort, standardized extract in place of an SSRI? Or SAMe?

Curiouse to see if it had any effect.



Yes, I did. It had the same mood stabilising effect as Cipramil but created more even more headaches. The withdrawal was worse than coming off an SSRI.

The idea that it’s a natural alternative and therefore without side effects (as you may read) is just not true. But worth a try. It won’t give you any migraine relief though.

Scott 8)

Thanks Scott. I once took St John’s wort for mild depression, and since then have had a round or two with prozac, celexa and lexapro before getting diagnosed & starting Pamelor. All the drugs make me crazy with different side effects so I was thinking I would take StJW again, and keep up the 5htp, to help with the anxiety. I don’t usually get headaches, more of dizzy broad myself haha, so hopefully it won’t cause them. As I remember it didn’t have that side effect on me in the past. I will def keep it in mind. :smiley:

I also have looked up some natural suggestions for epilepsy, in lieu of starting topomax, and found things like bacopa and esp valerian. I am going to try valerian as well as the SJW. Any info/experience with that?

Thanks again for your answer!! Take care now.