Started topomax

I Have a long story but I will skip to the chase:

Frankly lately I have been getting better and better but I still have annoying triggers. So I said: hey, if topomax can bring me back to 100% why not try.

The problem is that I started on 25 mg a week+ ago and I felt worse, I would say 25% worse. And then upped to 50 at the orders of neuro and now I feel much worse, 50% worse. I am also much more depressed. I am on Lamictal since months and my mood has been really stable, but suddenly I am depressed.

My doc did not tell me what to expect. I have seen people saying it gets worse before it gets better. But please can I get a sense of a timeline, how long on average would one be dealing with a downward slope before going up, and when would I start getting above baseline and reaping the benefit of the drug.

He is saying he want to bump it up to 100 in a week or 2, now this sounds crazy to me, based on what I read here right? People usually go up much much more slowly right and 100 is given to people with severe symptoms. My symptoms were no longer severe.

Finally, does the fact that I got WORSE, mean that I likely have MAV?? (because this part is not clear yet, my symptoms developed after concussion and they are not exactly the symptoms of MAV, but one neuro suspects they might)


Anyone please?