Starting a new med (amitriptyline)

So I will be starting amitriptyline (10mg) from tomorrow. I was previously on propranolol 4 months and have just came off this. I made a big improvment on propranolol but it seems it was more likely due to my dietry changes no tea, coffee, choc, basically no more caffeine. Since I came off propranolol my symptoms have been no worse or better and that’s what makes me think it was more likely the dietry changes I have made. I was on 160mg of propranolol.
I had episodic vertigo and diziness with my migraine before I made any changes. I suffer with none of these symptoms now but do suffer with continuous headache morning to night which is like a mild migraine/tension headache as well as vibrating sensation in my head and stomach probs. Was just wondering if anybody else is on Amytriptyline at the minute and and what the maximum dose is for migraine?

Now currently on 35mg of amitriptyline but have not noticed any difference yet. Have been taking it since early December.

I tried Ami for two months - couldn’t get past 10mg - made me too tired… Good luck.

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Well been on it for about 2 months and can’t say it has made any difference. This is my second drug after propranolol. Propranolol didn’t do much either. Was on that for 4 months at 160mg. Now just going to go up to 50mg of amitriptyline tonight as it hasn’t made any differnce at 35mg. I didn’t suffer with much side effects from either medicine and am not very med sensitive.