Starting Ativan/Lorazepam

I went to the neurologist today and he is starting me on Ativan/Lorazepam. I have never taken this before and am feeling nervous about it as I read that it is habit forming. And I am also nervous about getting too hopeful…and it not working. The other meds I have been on; verapamil, Zoloft, migranal, and one other thing I can’t remember.
Anyway, I would most appreciate anyone who can share their experience with Ativan/Lorazepam.

Hi there!

I too have just started taking Lorazepam since the 21st of December. I just take it in the evenings. It is ok. It doesn’t help me with my unsteadiness and dizziness but it helps calm me so I am able to cope with the symptoms better. I also take nortriptyline 10 mg 2 per evening. This has worked wonders for me in the past however it seems to have lost its efficacy. I might try to take more…I want to say I was on 50mg when I felt my best. Anyways, I hope that Ativan brings you some relief. I know it isn’t a long term fix but it really does help as far as not feeling so anxious about the symptoms of MAV. Good luck.