Starting Effexor 37.5 - How should beads be stored?

Hi - I’ve been prescribed Venlafaxine 37.5 and am starting at 1/3 of the capsule - Is it okay to take the beads out and store them in a small pill container? Or do they have to go back in the capsule?

Looking for the easiest way to manage counting beads and storing them.


i would just throw them away honestly…if your prescription is for 37.5 mg and you have a month’s supply, you can just refill it

if its not in the capsule, does that affect its effectiveness? if anyone knows…

no – my xr instructions said that i could take the capsule or put the beads in apple sauce (small spoonful). I would check with your pharmacist to be sure

Sorry, so after you took out 1/3 of the beads, you just threw out the rest of the beads/capsule and took apart a new capsule? Apologies if Im understanding you wrong.

thats right yeah…it doesnt really make sense to hoard the extra medication if you’re just going to get it refilled again the next month

Ohhh haha i see what you mean. If you dont mind me asking, did you get any relief with this med?

yes; i tapered up to 150 mg over the course of about 7-8 months. My chronic dizziness has been reduced by 50%, and since adding a low dose of clonazepam in addition, I probably experience only 4-6 attacks a month now.

its definitely not a perfect medication, but for me, the drawbacks are worth not going back to dizzyland.

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That’s great! I’ve been on 12.5 for three days now… is it a weird sign that I feel absolutely no difference? no side effects at all? should i consider titrating up earlier than a week?

not weird. i would follow the schedule and not overanalyze how you’re feeling. effexor can take multiple weeks, if not longer, to work, and thats if you’re on a high enough dose.