Starting vestibular rehab next week, any thoughts?

I have been dealing with my severe visual symptoms since August of last year and have tried numerous drugs and 2 different neuro’s. My new neuro gave me a referral to get vestibular rehab. I am going in hoping it will help because I want to be able to drive again. My main symptoms are chronic daily headaches, visual vertigo when driving or riding in car (I am fine if I close my eyes while we are moving) and certain graphic patterns trigger instant dizziness. Do any of you think that vestibular rehab will help my symptoms? Thanks for any thoughts or advice.


It depends if your symptoms are orienting from a deficit in your vestibular system, but the last point you made – about busy patterns setting you off – I also experienced quite severely before doing VT, and it helped quite a bit with that as well as going to visually busy places. I still have a host of other symptoms, but improvement in some areas is better than no improvement.

A lot of people with balance problems and vertigo do have success with vestibular rehabilitation. I did rehab for 6mths and completed my exercises religiously 3 times a day. While I notice a significant improvement in my balance my visual vertigo (blurred vision, feeling like brain is lagging behind, foggy head, spinning sensation etc) did not improve. My therapist believe my migraines and daily headaches were holding me back and that was when she referred me to a migraine specialist. I am now in the process of finding a medication to help. Good luck. You may be one of lucky ones who benefit from VRT.