Stock/crock/slow cooking . . .tyramine?

Do folks do okay with slow-cooked foods, crockpot meals, stocks created by simmering carcasses overnight, or do these turn into triggers?

never had any trouble on that score - I slow cook almost everything in winter

Thanks, Gabrielle.

David you might find this interesting re tyramine

Interesting post - good article. I love spinach but don’t eat too much - i’ve mostly given up all the major migraine triggers but at what point can i try to start adding back in to see if they really are a triger. It’s been at least 2 months if not 3 now.

i cook in a crockpot once a week or every other week and i use broth that has no added msg and very low sodium - i hope it’s safe for me.

it’s sooooo hard to figure out what is a trigger or not - so far trigger for me is outside. i was fine today until i went out at lunchtime and came back in and got dizzy a while later - getting warm here.


Gabrielle -that is a great link on tyramine. I especially react to vinegar content and aged cheeses. Migraine dieting is like walking around land mines and not always knowing when one will go off…

Gabrielle, that link is fascinating but also crazy-making.

I’m not sure just what to take from his discussion. I am not aware of having had any problems with spinach, for example, and while I’d love to start eating yoghurt again, and drinking wine and beer, it seems foolish to ignore the neurotologists.

How much of the difference between what he says is okay and the recommendations of the headache docs relates to his different (hypertension) audience, do you suppose?

I’m not sure David - I’ve also found links relating to low tyramine diets for people on MAOIs - I’d be erring on the side of the neurootologist advice as well

Gabrielle, I saw Dr. Carey today, showed him my printout of the MAOI article (he didn’t leaf through it) and asked him why Gillman’s recommendations differ so much from his. Was there a particular level of Tyramine that affects migraineurs, but not people watching maois? He said there’s no info as to dose level of tyramine to put us at risk, and stick with the recommended migraineur diet. Also, BTW, answered my question about smoke flavoring from a bottle, or smoked salt, as opposed to smoked meat or fish. He warned against the separate additive, too.

Hi David - that’s interesting - thanks for the update