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Stopping Aimovig: will Ami still work?

Since the neuro is having me do the Aimovig injections along with the Amitriptyline, if I stop the Aimovig and don’t take the next shot, will the Amitriptyline that I am taking still work? How long might it take for Aimovig to leave my system and will the Amitriptyline still work after?

I would like to know from the forum if the Amitriptyline I am taking is still working or is its good effects are being overshadowed by the Aimovig?

Also I am wondering if the doc had kept me with the low dose Aimovig 70mg that he gave me on the first visit, would the same side effects have happened?

Feeling confused. And as I have asked earlier, I am wondering if I no longer take the injectable, will I have any withdrawal effects but I still want to continue the Amitriptyline.

Thanks you all for being there.