Strange goings-on

Monday: Went out to lunch w/a friend at a busy restaurant; ate outside 1/2 the time and then went inside. Inexplicably, I actually felt normal for the whole lunch, both outdoors and in. That hour-or-so aside, I returned to my usual dizzy, rocking state, provoked by such strenuous activities as lying on the couch and watching TV.

Yesterday: Nausea in the a.m. turned into a bad headache. I went to have lunch in a small, closed room with all lights off; shortly thereafter I got “stuffiness” (fullness) in both ears until I went back to the main, wide-open room. Then a backache on the drive home.

Today: Valium was (for once) slow to act and not nearly as effective as usual.

Any of this seem strange?

No more or less strange than any of the myriad comings and goings of strangeness that exist in Migraine World. For the last few days (coincides with getting up to 150mg of Prothiaden) I have, on waking, had vivid hallucinations of a giant spider scuttling across my bedroom walls. Freaky.

Maybe I’m just anxious about what happened today, but I’m a little worried about the Valium half-failure. It always works, and I don’t take it too often (to avoid a tolerance problem). I hope today was just a fluke – if Valium permanently fails, there’s nothing I have that will give any relief. It is the only thing that works.

Also, I hope I’m not coming down with something. Brother seems to be getting a cold. And a friend came over – after proceeding to tell me he’d just come from the doctor and had been diagnosed with probable bronchitis!

Hi George,

I wouldn’t stress about this too much. Migraine brains are skittish and unpredictable and so too are the meds to a degree (or at least our reaction to them). If you’ve read my Xanax thread you’ll know the roller coaster I’ve had with it. I wouldn’t be too worried about a one-off less than fantastic result from Valium. We worship at the altar of Valium and must accept that it works in mysterious ways :wink: .