Strange Sunlight Vision

I have yet to be formally told I have Vestibular Migraine, but there are times I think I may have it. In terms of the visual symptoms, I had a eye test and my eyes are fine.

However, today, after being outside in the sunshine talking to a friend, upon going back inside, everything was sort of a hazy blue colour and I was concerned it was getting worse, this lasted for about 30secs-1min as my eyes adjusted to from being outside to inside. Is this normal, or a symptom of Migraine?

In addition, in the office I work in, If I look towards the blinds - where I can see the sun creeping through - and then look away back to my computer screen, I get a sort of fuzzy glare momentarily.

At the same point, I also get these weird feelings of heaviness / pressure/ tingling in the left side of my head. My left ear always crackles/pops when I yawn, swallow and my left jaw can also be crackly.

I saw a neurologist, who said I have pppd, but may have elements of migraine. I don’t know what to think. To me, classic migraines are not constant, involve temporary severe throbbing in the head and makes people vomit - which I don’t. Any ideas…

Hi Ryan

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I just wanted to reassure you that visual symptoms are very common with MAV and I often have the same experience as yourself with the sun light. Also if I go through the tunnel I will have a greying of vision when I come through the other end and back into the light. This can happen even if I stand up too quickly (graying of vision)

I suspect it is just one of the symptoms that waxes and wanes and often varies in severity.
Obviously I am just a sufferer of MAV and have no medical degree to diagnose you but it does sound to me very fitting with MAV - after all you do not need to have a actual headache/pain to be suffering from migraine.

Did the Neurologist prescribe any drugs for this? People are often diagnosed with BPPV with this condition so it might be beneficial to get a second opinion?

Best wishes
Kirsty :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Kirsty - thanks for your reply. Yes, he said I could start on a low dose of Pizotifen, but I am trying to not use medication. However, I will see someone on Monday for a 2nd opinion.

I have tried cutting out migraine triggers, but I can’t say I’ve notice any particular food or drink being a trigger.

Strangely enough I can still exercise at a good level and no one ever says to me that I look unwell (even though I feel constantly off), and always yawning!

I never had spinning vertigo, so I don’t think BPPV could be the cause.

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Welcome to the forum. You sound like a MAVerick to me. Check out our wikis. You’ll find yourself there.


I think your on the right track getting the second opinion, I was diagnosed with everything under the sun before this migraine diagnosis. It seemed so odd that migraine can cause such disruption to your life but yet you look so well! I know exactly that feeling!

Great that you’ve started a migraine diet! Perhaps you should keep on with it for a couple of months to see if there is any improvement before starting meds? I say this because I wish I would have tried the diet before starting meds because now I dont know whats helping and whats not! :see_no_evil: have you read the Heal your Headache book? Its a gab read and theres lots of info on how long to try diets for etc…

Just to add - Given your having trouble with vision can I suggest a pair of migraine glasses? I say this because my polarized lenses are literally life savers for me and really help me in stores and places with artificial lighting! I know there is links on here for Theraspecs that you could use to have a gander… might help?

Good luck Ryan! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, I read that last week. Some aspects of it make me think I have VM, with tension in the neck, visual symptoms, strange feelings in head etc.

I will see what happens Monday… fingers crossed


Sounds just like me… I wont bore you with every single symptom but believe me it is vast! :face_with_monocle:

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I have the exact same problems you described. We have a large boardroom where I regularly interview candidates, and I always have to sit on the side with my back facing the blinds. If I am looking at the blinds I get all screwed up and super dizzy

Same thing goes for the bright sunlight. It’s still kind of alarming even though I should be used to it by now. It’s just not a comfortable feeling having the room look all hazy


Yes. But did he say you have Classic Migraine? Because Vestibular Migraine is a rather different thing and lots of people with it have daily migraines, headaches and/or dizziness, vertigo symptoms 24/7 for months and even years on end. One consultant told me my symptoms were ‘migrainous’ in origin. Not that I was experiencing a constant 24/7 migraine as such. Helen

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his exact comment was ‘underlying migraine process’. He said there is migraine element to my pppd. I want to double check with another dr.

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Much the same comment the basically. I saw two different neuros. Both dx ‘Probable migraine associated vertigo’ in an indirect sort of way. That’s the best I ever got. I was able to run with that because, after further research, it did seem to make sense to me. Helen

Hi Helen. What did you do following your diagnosis? Any recommendations? How are you now?

Shake my doctor til the pills dropped out! (Not literally) After 12 yrs of misdx with BPPV and the whole surgery seemingly singing in chorus ‘there’s nothing we can do about that’! Soon as the neuro told me there were preventives I could try, I went got some. My GP picked beta blockers (two birds with one stone, my BP is higher than it might be). First one she chose caused my GERD to flare (reflux like you never known - probably the pill coating not the drug I discovered later), then I tried Propranolol which I still take. You can read more in my Personal Diary. Three years on I’m very much better and have been for some time. MAV symptoms mostly under control. Helen


Hi Ryan

Did you have your consultation with the other Neurologist today? If so how did it go?

Were they able to shed anymore light on your symptoms for you? Hope so!

Best wishes

Yes I did. As expected, I have a migraine variant disorder. Apparently the brain stem is the issue. Need to try a diet of no Cs, avoid stress and sleeping well, plus begin medication which can take many months to fully work. The doctor I saw said he has seen many patients like me. There is hope, but medication seems to be the key.

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Ah Andy,

At least now you know where you stand. For me knowing what I have got feels empowering and I feel compelled to help me - as I am sure you do too.

What meds will you be trialling initially?

Yes it was good to know but at the same time worrying that all the other consultants were not accurate with their diagnosis. Pizotifen is the main one I would begin with. I’m just worried I won’t be able to have much alcohol on it! What did you have?

Yes, I hear you! Its a shame this wasn’t diagnosed as a definate for you the first time but I guess now your on the right track. I haven’t tried Piz, that is the next drug if Amitriptyline doesn’t work.

I have tried…
Now - Amitriptyline! Fingers crossed for this med to be the one!

I also have Botox every 12 weeks for the actual migraine headache pain.

I am sure you can research about Piz and alcohol?