Strange thoughts with MAV

One thing that I have had with this whole episode of MAV are these continuous strange thoughts of derealisation.

Its like a feeling of claustrophobia or being trapped even when outside. I think its because my world hasn’t been stable now for 8 months, it just doesnt seem like the place it used to be and it makes me so anxious at times, I feel like I will suddenly lose it or something, although nothing ever actually happens.

Does anybody else have anything similar which they constantly battle with this condition? I just wish my mind could be clear again.

Hi. This happens to me as well. It isn’t continuous for me but comes & goes - the feeling that everything is kind of ‘off’ and the anxiety.

It’s very wearing, isn’t it?


It’s a terrible feeling like you’re trapped in a bubble all alone and all you can see is a horribly warped world . It is distressing and frightening.

Just want to say that I suffered with this at the beginning of dealing with MAV and think it has to be one of the worst symptoms. You start to feel like you are going crazy! Valium and Ativan helped me a lot with this because part of the depersonalization and derealization is terrible anxiety when it is happening to you. It is very frightening to not see the world the way it is supposed to be and feel like you are out of your body and not yourself. When I was talking it would be like someone else was saying these things - so strange. I only experienced this if I was verging on getting dizzy at the beginning of my journey so I do think it will get better for you. If it happens just ride it out and take a valium and know that it will get better with time.