Streetlight induced vertigo.

All LED streetlights use ultraviolet LEDs. They use a phosphor to change the ultraviolet light to white light. The phosphor is failing in some lights letting the ultraviolet light through. The eye is not color corrected. I did quality control for Colorcraft so I pay attention to this sort of thing. The distance to an object you perceive depends on it’s color. This is minor with ordinary colors. Red and blue on a piece of paper together might appear 1mm difference in depth. The ultraviolet light in street lights is way outside of what appears in nature. So the distance to the ground is different under different colored lights. Again you might not notice under ordinary circumstances. But if you are traveling at high speeds on a bicycle under one of these lights it is enough to cause dizziness. I am working with highway departments to get rid of these lights. My purpose here is to alert health departments to the danger.