Stress?abit of advice!

hi all hope your all soldiering on :slight_smile: ive had this years 5yrs and for two of them I felt 95% and how I did that was I got put on meds nort and propranolol and thought sod this I have MAV but it isn’t going to control me, I did no diet except quit caffeine and lived life to the full ie:- I quit the anxiety I quit trying to find answers and just plunged my way through it,it worked :grin: I felt so happy and forgot all about MAV until now, ive just relapsed but carnt figure out if its because I was feeling depressed (I had no reason to feel depressed but depression is a creeper) I did quit smoking (which ive mentioned in a different post) so maybe it was that, im now back to being so anxious that even my own FART :laughing: makes me jump haha! im now wondering that if I calmed down and just accept these stupid symptoms that it will fade away again slowly,im 10% better today with me fighting this anxiety! if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask I know this Is crap :unamused: but lets keep pushing through and fighting IT WONT BEAT US!

Two questions: is it as bad as last time? And did you come off meds and how long for?

My neurologist tells me this can have a ‘long tail’ and relapses are possible but it tends to peter out.

She also said ‘Dont give up’.

the anxiety is :cry: but the symptoms arnt quite as bad but bad enough, but its not going to beat me so it can f##k off :joy:

Just wanted to say ‘Good for you’ for quitting smoking!!! I’m no doctor, but my bet is that giving up nicotine is the root cause of your anxiety…and then then anxiety stirred up other problems. Although I have never smoked, I have lived with chain smokers my entire life and have seen the effects of giving up smoking (although neither my Mom nor husband have managed to stick it out!). Especially when my Mom used try, my Dad and I would secretly wish for her to just go back to her drug of choice :unamused: Our bad - as the smoking caused heart problems … That having been said, please don’t have that first ciggy!!! The effects (anxiety) will pass and I’m sure you’ll soon get the other symptoms under control!
Just don’t give up!! We’re all rooting for you!!

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hi mazzy thanks for the advice,how are you doing?

I’m good, thanks Mellybob! In ‘remission’ at present - about 3 months to date :slight_smile: The supplements and a determination to stay calm is working for me at present. Have been a bit on edge as we’re experiencing extreme weather fluctuations at he moment - a drop in pressure is usually not good news for me - but so far so good!
Hope you’re a little better than you were yesterday!!!

thank you mazzy im feeling worse today grrrrrr I hate this ive not had a relapse before so its so disheartening to think im back here again I thought this crap was done,i just hope that this isn’t it and im stuck like this forever,i want to cry :cry: im so pleased your in remission as this takes a lot of effort to beat!

So sorry that you’re not feeling better :cry: If it helps at all, although last year was my first trip with MAV (self-diagnosed!) - I have been down the road with Meneire’s for nearly 50 years. Different branch…but I’m sure all these ailments stem from the same tree! My bouts with M came and went - staying away ALMOST entirely for many years allowing me to think that it was over - only to re-surface with a vengence last year…and then change completely to the constant dizzy, sick, lousy symptoms that fit what a lot of folk here report. Although I call my present state ‘remission’ - I must add that I’m aware that it’s not gone, but down to the odd fleeting ‘off’ feeling - which I can totally live with!
Don’t want to teach my Grandmother how to suck eggs…but have you tried cutting out all caffeine? Try to think if you, or the weather, did - or ate anything different yesterday? Certainly I believe there is an underlying cause for this, but there do seem to be triggers for all of us that make it angry! Sometimes I feel that I’m too bloody old for hide and seek :unamused: - - but it is worth a try!!
Really hope you soon feel better - if it was giving up nicotine that stirred it up, chances are that it will settle once the old brain box calms down!:dizzy_face: Hang in there -this too will pass!!
P.S. - Absolutely the hardest thing for me has been giving up chocolate!! I know how that sounds - but I was using it as a ‘calmative’ to help me cope with the awful feelings…and then it started making me feel sick…so I decided that was it! It had to go:disappointed:

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