Stress and symptoms

I think I have read this here before, but do you find that symptoms increase when you find yourself in stressful situations… E.g., dentists, long lines at the airports, crowded spaces, airplane trips etc… How does one calm oneself in this situation without benzos? Right now I feel like im popping them left and right but don’t want to end up with an addiction on top of everything else!! Lol just curious ifbothers have this happen and how you deal… Thanks guys! Dee

Oh yes, big time. I just tell myself that no one ever died from these symptoms and they are just feelings and it’s going to be fine. If you are not afraid of the feelings and realize that they will get worse in certain situations, you will be able to do more. You will be able to handle them as they happen and you will relax and they will back off some. Repeated exposure seems to help and long lines are the worst.



I try to do deep breathing & talk myself through it…but its good to have some meds handy…(just in case)

I found as soon as I went on Lexapro, my stress and anxiety symptoms became less and less. I am able to handle those situations much better. That combined with Lamotrigine have helped all my symptoms. I go back to my neuro otologist 2/6/12 for my 3 month follow up to my initial diagnosis.