Stress Let Down and MAV

Hi All,

Does anyone have any medical journal or similiar references that highlight stress let down and/or stress as an aggravting factor in the commencement of MAV :o ?


Hi Mark

Yes definitely. My MAV started after a very stressful period. Dr Surenthiran said this is very common.

Me too.


Stress letdown is evil! My big-bang event that kickstarted this MAV in Sep 2008, followed months of stress, all of which passed by without problems (apart from being massively stressed!). And, on the day the stress stopped - literally, just 15mins afterwards, bang - 2 spins in as many minutes and hello MAV! :frowning:

In fact, I reckon we can draw an anology between stress-letdown and coming off a drug - it’s almost like you need to wean yourself off stress, just like you would a drug! Come off too quickly, and problems occur. I guess the prolonged stress can cause chemical changes internally, just like an actual drug can…