Stress makes this sooooo much worse!

I had been doing ok with the dizzys and thankfully these past few days seem to have bounced back. Last week I had a hugely stressful thing happen it was so bad how stressed upset I was on the day I was running on pure adrenaline didnt feel dizzy but that night I got into bed and the room was spinning quite bad but managed to find a position to sleep in.
I woke in the night to find the room horrendously spinning around me to the point of holding onto the bed and nearly being sick. Somehow I staggered downstairs and slept sitting up I was home alone with the kids and was so dreading the next morning as to how I would cope. Anyway when I woke up thank the lord the spinning had stopped and I was back to my now normal self that’s the first major vertigo attack in 14 months.
I can not believe how one day of huge emotional stress can trigger this to be honest but it must do anyway I’ve had a terrible few weeks in my private life but I can never allow myself to make myself ill like that again.
Just a heads up to you guys to keep stress and working yourself up to a minimum as it puts you on your arse literally.

I’m a lot better now thankfully :slight_smile: