I definitely feel worse under stress and anxiety. I get pressure and lightheaded and it gets noticeably worse. I’m also dealing with anxiety issues which i think started this all.


Stress is one of the biggest triggers, so it’s important to practice good stress management tactics. But it’s a fine line - don’t get so watchful that you’re stressing about stress :slight_smile:

I feel pretty good when I’m under moderate amounts of stress linked to getting something done (i.e. work deadlines, preparing to host a party). I think this is because I am 100% focused on the task and not my symptoms. For me, thinking about being dizzy prolongs my dizziness.

When under other severe stress (family, marriage etc.) it affects me pretty bad.

One thing to consider is that the body/mind function to mobilize resources in times of stress surrounding things important to you (e.g. work deadlines). You may feel fine in the moment and for a time afterwards while the adrenaline and dopamine are doing their thing, but the letdown can be damaging. Just because you’re functional in the moment doesn’t mean that you won’t regret getting keyed up later. I’ve learned from experience too many times, sadly.

Stress is what triggered this all for me. It was HUGE stress… I have had to learn to manage the stress in order to manage my symptoms. Meds do most of the work, but the rest is up to me. :slight_smile:

I agree with all the above. It was stress let down which triggered each attack in the beginning before it became constant. If i had known then what I know now, I would have taken time out early on before it got so bad. Stress now makes me more focused and less dizzy temporarily but is bad in the long run. Anxiety sends symptoms through the roof.

Less abstract:
I was working a few days ago, and distracted I missed the last step of a ladder and stumbled off it, gouging a finger against something sticking out of the wall behind me. My sweetie didn’t answer her phone, so I drove myself to the clinic, safely. Got yea many stitches, got bandaged up. (Good lydocaine injection job around the perimeter, Dr. Morris!)
Assessed how I felt, drove myself back.
Certainly stressful, but didn’t notice a mood crash or MAV wallop either immediately nor after an hour or a day.

That is exactly what happens to me. I am fine leading up to a big event. But afterwards I am good for nothing! I am dizzy, can’t think right, tired. I just stay in bed all day. So is this a chemical thing? Must be!