Strobe lights on American Idol

If anyone was watching American Idol Wednesday night did you notice they had something come up on the screen that said the next act will use strobe lights? I was doing something else while the TV was on so didn’t really see it until it two seconds before they took it off. I wonder if they did this to warn those who are very sensitive to these kind of lights that it is time to turn away. Regardless of the reason, I really appreciate that they did this.

Who are you rooting for this season?


Strobe lights can cause seizures in epileptics… even if they are just on TV

Yeah they are for ppl that have seizures but I definitely appreciated that because it would have bothered me if I looked at it!

And Lee is my favorite!!

Ashley - I like Lee also, I don’t remember what he did last week, but I thought it was great, whatever it was. He’s my #2 person, Crystal is my #1.

I can’t imagine having to sing on stage with the lights like that. Wow!! I’d be out of there so fast. I couldn’t even watch it on TV and had to turn away.


Strobe lights have always made me feel sick and dizzy, even years before MAV began.