Struggling daily with multiple episodes.

I am new here, struggling daily with multiple episodes of vestibular migraine. I have had five rounds of Botox injections, with noticeable improvement only twice. Should I keep with it?

Welcome Judith!

I just had a Botox round fail. My neurologist and I decided to try one more round. So far, it’s helping but it’s just been under a week since I saw her. Are your two successful rounds adjacent to each other and recent? Sometimes the batches are inconsistent, but if it consistently fails, it’s probably time to try another option. I had a friend with initial success with Botox that gradually failed. If that’s you, then maybe move on to something else.

I also find that my Botox wears off too fast. Instead of 12 weeks at 155 units we’re now at 10 weeks and 200. Still failed last time around. This time I’m hoping for better. But if it fails, my next step is one of the CGRP injectables. I’ve pretty much tried and failed most of the pills. What other options are you considering?

I have returned to amitriptyline, cutting out my final one cup of black tea in the morning, and am currently on a steroid burst-- none of which are helping. The two rounds of “good Botox” were not adjacent, and the one in November was probably helped most by my not working at the time.

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