Stuck in bed - two days after starting pitzotifen!

Hi to all my dizzy friends.
So I took just 0.5mg for two nights and woke with one of my vertigo attacks (just 4 weeks after recovering from my last one.) Dizzy if I move my head, once out of bed it’s hard to get my head back on a pillow (due to all these false motion sensations) but when I have managed to stay lying down (seriously propped up on pillows) it’s a nightmare to get back up. Turning on either side is a massive no-no. Day two today and still the same. Saw ENT in midst of it yesterday and he said again hearing is fine (as he initially thought hydrops) and no nystagmus (which is expected with ear related vertigo.) I hope this passes again. I don’t usually get another attack so quickly after another (usually just 3 or 4 of these a year). Hope it’s not the piz. I don’t want to give up on it after 2 days!!! It was my hope! Hoping it’s a coincidence?? Your thoughts would be really appreciated. Xx

Also, sorry for all the typos!! I can’t see straight and using my tiny phone screen:)

Oh god feel for you so much. You want to do the right thing and try medication and then wham worsening symptoms. I have been on 0.5 pizotifen for 3 weeks and I am just as bad as ever but my symptoms have not worsened. I am sure I read somewhere on these posts that sometimes the medication makes you worse before you get better, so hang on in there and keep taking the pills. I am increasing my dose to 1 mg tonight, hoping for some improvement. Hope you feel bit better soon. Angela

Hi AG,

It’s entirely possible the Piz has set you off. Granot will show you what typically happens when you start taking a med. Side effects (if there are any) are worse at the start and fizzle over time as your symptoms get better. It looks a bit like this:

Hang in there champ. I am very optimistic that you will achieve good control over this soon.


Thanks guys. Scott that’s a fantastic graph! It was hard swallowing that pill last night but in the end I thought, what the heck… It can’t get much worse! Now just lying to 10,000 pillows upright. Wish I could post a pic! It looks ridiculous! :smiley: