Stupid Question?

I don’t know what I would do without this board and all of you guys so thank you for helping!
Quick Stupid question-

I had my attack 8 weeks ago and have been dizzy/rocky the entire time, 24/7… Does this mean I am still having the same migraine? Or, is this the lasting effects of the attack?

(How much easier would it be if excedrin migraine would help us!)

As an electrician, I can apply my professional expertise to confidently diagnose this as the same attack.

Thanks! It’s hard to believe that since migraine headaches with pain don’t last this long, this seems like it’s been going on forever…

Hey Salem,

It’s probably the same attack. In other words it’s just one big long chronic migraine you have set in and your brain hasn’t snapped out of it. Before this became a chronic condition for me as in 24/7, 365, I used to have episodes that lasted 4-8 months at a time and then it would all just stop. There was no dizziness in those days but I would get lots of debilitatiing neck pain and head fog. I was unknowlingly pumping myself full of triggers on a daily basis back then.


That’s not a silly question.
speaking from my own experience, when I’ve been able to get rid of the migraine (remission) the dizziness/rocking has gone within a day or two.
I agree with Scott.

Hi Salem,
My neuro told me that the brain gets " locked in " after a severe attack and it can take a really long time to get the brain back on course.
Sorry things are bad for you.
Take care

Hi. I have had dizziness for the last 5 years. However it comes and goes, not always there. Right now my I am dizzy and have been for the last 3 months! I believe however I have had migraines on top of migraines if that makes sense.

I have found that when I first have an attack it is at its worst. And then over this last few months getting better slowly.

Oh by the way I am on nortriptyline 20mg. I wouldn’t like to say it has cured me, but I am feeling better recently.