Success with Biofeedback?

Has anyone had success with biofeedback?

I’m in a vicious cycle of both classical & vestibular migraines. Treating with topamax, baclofen & vestibular therapy. Exercising regularly. Following the migraine diet like it’s the 10 Commandments. Waiting for botox insurance approval. In the interim, my neurologist wants me to try biofeedback – has anyone tried it, liked it, found success?

As a side note, the big experts usually say to hold off on VRT when the migraine isn’t well controlled - it might make things worse ( my headache specialist said it, too).

I didn’t try biofeedback only bc there’s NOWHERE in NJ to do what I need. My headache specialist very highly recommended it. If I could, I definitely would.

that’s so strange, @Fussyfussy … both my neurologist & neurootologist at NYU want me to do it. They’re both highly regarded and are both specialists in the field. will let you know about biofeedback. scheduling appointment tomorrow. And see my note about NYU. They’re really beefing up their vestibular program and have some great doctors leading it. I don’t know how far New York is from you but it could be worth a train ride into the city.