Successful Vegas Holiday!!

Last week, I traveled to Las Vegas with my husband. There were no stabbing icepick headaches or migraines during any of the plane flights! I walked miles in the 104F heat and felt fine. I had drinks by the pool, talked to strangers, went to a show, walked through casinos, didn’t lose track of where I was, and even slept well! Overall, I felt wonderful. I did have debarquement sensations b/c of having to take elevators, but I would have had those anyway. I had my supplements and meds pre-organized into morning/afternoon/evening labeled snack bags so I could bring them wherever I was and I took them on schedule. I took 15 mg pseudophedrine and two advil as pre-emptive strikes on the plane flights, too.

This gives me hope that starting work next week (first couple of weeks are slower b/c it’s orientation) will be okay.

In addition to 60 mgs duloxetine each morning, my supplement/med routine is:

  • Morning – 200 mgs magnesium, 2500 B12, 500 mg L-carnitine, 300 mgs ubiquinol, 200 B2, 400 mg sam-e (for arthritis)
  • Afternoon – same as morning except no B12 or B2
  • Evening – 200 mgs magnesium, 150 mgs pycnogenol (for tinnitus, though I don’t know that it’s doing much), 5000 D3, sometimes 25 mgs iron