sudden intense short vertigo, but no other symptoms

Since October 2022, I’ve had 3 incidents of intermittent acute Vertigo - specialists have been unable to diagnose.

Each incident last about 5 seconds, and there is no warning before sudden onset. The horizon rotates up to about 90 degrees or less. I have no other symptoms at any time during (or not during) the vertigo incidents: no vision issue (other than horizon rotation during the 5 second vertigo) no loss of consciousness, no hearing issue, no speech issue, no breathing issue, no pains, no numbness or tingling, etc.).

No problems found by neurologist who specializes in vertigo, who did:

  • Brain MRI without contrast
  • Epley position chair test
  • Blood tests (about every test possible)

No problems found by Cardiologist, who did:

  • echocardiogram
  • wear 8-day heart monitor – I did not have any vertigo incidents during the 28 day period. Monitor only showed two short bursts of supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) – he told me it’s harmless.

The doctors are saying no more tests left to do. Anyone else had symptoms like me?

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I assume this is a typo?

I very, very occasionally still have short bursts of vertigo. It used to worry me and make me anxious but now I just brush it off as it is nothing compared to what I used to experience, not even in the same universe.

I suspect your issue will be tricky to diagnose. I hope it doesn’t worsen and please don’t panic about it as anxiety will probably escalate your symptoms. Sounds like the doctor did the due diligence.

Right, I meant “since October 2022”:slight_smile: I need to somehow get to a diagnosis, because if it occurs when I’m on ladder, driving a car, riding a bike or motorcycle, I’m going to get seriously hurt or worse. Luckily in my occurrences so far, I’ve either been sitting or walking close to a wall I could fall into.

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