Sudden Intense Vertigo?

[size=18][/size]hello Everyone:

Just a note and to share.
Last night I had a sudden dizzy spell – not the usual kind that comes on slowly in hours, but a sudden intense twirling feeling for about two minutes. It dissipated slowly by leaving a slight vertigo and then going away – all within an hour. This is brand new experience for
me. Suddenly incapacitated and scared.

Had I been doing anything different to cause it that day? Well, I swam in the pool much more than usual AND had more water than usual get into ear canal, although I did get it
all out before I came in.

So I don’t know. :?:

Simply because the spinning sensation was so short (2 minutes) I would ponder at a BPPV spell. Did you move quickly before it happened?

I have experienced this a few times, alway when I turn to quickly, and I end up on the floor. From what I have read and what the neurologist told me, MAV also mimics BPPV as well as Meneire’s, so it is hard to chalk it up to any one thing. If it happens again, try to take note as to what you were doing or looking at immediately before the spinning started.

Sometimes the littlest movement can set it off and we don’t even remember what we did to set it off or it can be completely spontaneous.

I was also told MAV mimics BPPV and Meneire’s. BPPV can also co-exist with MAV and be caused by it. I asked my doc about it a second time after the testing hoping it had been missed (since it is easily fixed) because it can be hard to detect sometimes. He was sure they hadn’t missed it. I was really hoping it had been hiding and they missed it so they could at least fix some of my dizziness problems a little quicker, but that was not in the cards for me.

btw my first big spontaneous attack happened in a swimming pool 11 years ago when I had taken a group of children there on a field trip. Scared the heck out of me. At first I thought it was heat stroke or something even knowing I had only been out in the sun/heat for only
30 minutes. The intense spinning lasted longer than 30 minutes and I felt dizzy for 4 - 6 hours after. I had 2 more similar attacks a few weeks apart not in the heat before I knew it had nothing to do with the heat or the pool. One I was driving the other just sitting in a chair doing nothing when it it.

Thanks so much everyone for answering my earlier post.
I do not think it is BPPV that I experienced because I had been sitting quite still and was reading (something very intense).
It was a scary experience and was upsetting. But I seem okay today with no residual effects. :o
Somehow the swimming (which necessitates some head turning) and breath holding and water in ear did not work out well for me. The labrinthine system must be extra sensitive in some individuals. When I was a child, I always at dr for ear infections and sore throat stuff.

RAVEN :shock: