sudden severe vertigo

I am new to this forum and am experiencing vertigo. I was driving to dinner recently and had to suddenly pull over as the car started spinning upside down in my mind like I was having a stroke. It seems like I have sudden onset vertigo. IT feels like the top of my head is off balance and It comes in waves throughout the day, but never as bad as it did in the car. Its been two days now and my life is literally upside down and I am afraid to drive. THese are the only things I can think of that may have caused this…

1 week ago I jammed my chin quite hard with a surf board and it felt like I had TMJ for two days. That pain went away.

I also lost a contact during the surfing hit, so I was wearing 1 contact for a week until my glasses arrived.

Any thoughts?


Welcome. Sorry you are suffering.

Ouch. Part of the jaw’s anatomy is connected to that of the middle ear. (Discussion:,dislocation%20of%20the%20ear%20bones.)

Get your ear checked out by an ENT, but note, the scale of this anatomy makes it very hard to determine minute alterations in behaviour.

It might not be anything serious but this area of the body is very sensitive especially if the muscles of middle ear are applying different pressure to the inner ear window that it normally expects. That might cause neurological issues (this is known to happen with Eustachian Tube Dysfunction and alterbaric vertigo for example).

But in any case, we can’t diagnose here, only speculate. You should definitely see someone, even if they can only help with symptom control whilst things settle down of their own accord.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.