Sudden vertigo

I am a 67 year old woman. I enjoy good health and was fine Sunday, but woke up Monday with a strong imbalance problem in my head. When I sat up in bed, and leaned to stand, I kept falling forward. I was fairly unbalanced and unsteady as I walked. After sitting in a chair with a cup of coffee, I was better and able by mid-day to take a walk outside. I felt unsteady but was able to walk and drive my car to the store. This repeated the next day. No other symptoms except a very rare very slight nausea and maybe disturbance in my ear canals.

On day 3 I had the same thing, so I saw a doctor. She put me on 25 mg meclizine and said come back in 2 weeks if I still had the problem. The one meclizine pill early in the morning made me extremely sleepy and groggy all day and I could not go out. Next day I took 1/3 a pill and same problem that ruined the whole day and I went to bed at night around 7:30 p.m. Today no pill, and in the house I am better, but walking outside my head is very fuzzy like I am a bit drunk so I guess it will take a while for the pill to work it’s way out of my system.

Any comments on what might cause this sudden unbalanced feeling starting Sunday is appreciated.

Sorry to read of your problem, and of the failure of your doc’s initial attempt to control it.
There are a variety of possibilities… The fact that coffee helped would seem to me to make MAV or Meniere’s unlikely.
If your doc had no better idea, I’d ask him for a referral to a neurotologist, someone with training in both neurology and vestibular disorders.


Thanks for replying. Any guidance on choosing neurologist versus ENT?

No neurotologists accessible?