Sudden vision change in one eye

I have been experiencing a sudden change in vision in my right eye over past couple of days. I have a stye on my upper lid of same eye but its actually almost gone now and is very small so not sure if that would be causing it? I was doing warm compresses with boiled salt water (cooled down of course) and wonder now if I damaged my eye somehow? Its very blurry close up but i can see clearer far away. Could it be migraine related? Anyone else had this?

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@GetBetter gets a swollen eye from his migraines. He might be able to comment. Migraine may also affect you neurologically so that might also affect vision on one side.


You still on Verapamil and Nortriptyline? Medication side effects can happen any time not just on starting up new drug. I know @naejohn had some blurry vision along the line somewhere. Would seem odd for it to be ongoing from migraine unless you are currently having a full on attack. I’m none too sure about salt as part of an eye compress. Always use bicarbonate (baking soda) as instructed by optician. No idea whether the presence of salt could cause it but I do know we can absorb chemicals through the skin so maybe through your eye lids? If it was me I would call my optician for advice first.


I had this exact problem just recently. I ramped up my Verapamil dose and started including Effexor, at the same time I was getting over a stye, and my vision in that single eye became blurry.

I went to the optometrist, they did a bunch of tests looking for glaucoma and retina problems and didn’t find anything physically wrong with me. My prescription had changed in that eye, but my eye was still blurry even with the altered prescription.

Two weeks later, it came good, and my new prescription has settled and I have clear vision. I think it was actually the stye increasing tearing/fluid in that eye, resulting in the blurriness, and the prescription change was orthogonal – but I’m not a doctor so that’s just a guess.


Hi Helen, yes… I still do get blurry vision. Especially when I have a lot of head pain and pressure my eyes seem to suffer quite a lot. Its almost like my eyes don’t cant to focus.


Wow this sounds exactly like my situation. I am waiting at the eye doctor now so will see what she says! Thanks for sharing your experience. That makes me hopeful mine will recover also!

Sorry sbonds, I meant to reply under your comment. Your situation sounds very similar to mine! I am waiting at eye doctor now so will see what she says. Thanks for sharing your experience it gives me hope that my blurriness will recover. Hopefully I havent done any permanent damage to my eye!

Onandon03 yes you are right about the eye compresses. I shouldn’t have experimented with the salt water but it seemed st first to be shrinking the stye so I kept at it. Will see what eye doc says!

Well just to tidy up this message stream. It turns out that its just age and I need to get readers to see close up now. Dr. Referred to it as Sudden Discovery, where you don’t notice your vision has changed until you have a different problem with your eye. When its a horse, its a horse. Dont go looking for a zebra!


Kier, would you write a note to that effect to my recently-quit-me surgeon who, despite really obvious MRI evidence, suggested my problem is actually new issues with four separate bodily systems and I should embark on a zebra hunt? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Haha! Yes just tell me who to address it to!

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Bad luck. Found a second guy. He agreed with the first guy! So now I’m packing around a whole new set of diagnosis to deal with. The first dude should have written ’Hot Mess’ and saved on ink.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Thats been my diagnosis from many Drs…

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Thought I’d open this chat back up to see if anyone’s been struggling with blurry vision. I have lately and can’t tell if it’s my brain, the meds (Ami) or both! It’s mostly with lit up text and lights, but lately everything is blurry like I need glasses. Anyone experienced this?

I get this as a You guessed it migraine symptom lol

As people get into middle age, they are often effected by presbyopia, so whilst I get this occasionally, I sometimes wonder if it’s just tired eyes. Definitely have migraine related eye incidents too though so it’s anyone’s guess as far as I’m concerned.