So yesterday I went to my friends kids party and went to town with all the sweet things. I had cake with icing, jellly and squirty cream, biscuits, marshmallows. :pig: don’t know what came over me but it’s like I needed sugar. Anyway a few hours later my head started to get more pressure, burning hot cheeks but felt cold in my body and the worst stomach cramps which woke me up! Now my head hurts, neck/back ache, even more spaced out and detached this morning like I’m drunk and hungover (which I always have) but heightened! Is sugar a known trigger for many?

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Could it of been the eggs or cream lovely ? I know dr s wrote both of those on my sheet :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

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Intrigued by the possibility of a connection I went digging. All I could find relevant was someone on Mumsnet website saying she had clasic migraine and found she neded to keep her sugar intake levels constant as that was a migraine trigger for her since her teens as was skipping meals. MAVers have heightened sensitivities so why not. Maybe it’s a trigger for you so it’s more wound up today than usual. Actually, on further thiught I’ve a sister-in-law with classic migraine who has to avoid cream, any cream, at all costs because it’s a trigger. Any cream will also give her the stomach cramps too. Helen

Hi Natty. I thought I had to reply to you as if I had eaten that I would have been really ill as well!I have to be really careful as cream, anything dairy, artificial sets me off! Sometimes I am ok but I don’t know how I am going to react! I have got other health issues but I would definitely get your blood sugar levels tested.My favourite pudding is trifle like my Granny used to make with real cream but the last time I had one I had the worst vertigo ever and was spinning for hours.R.

In the Migraine Brain book I read that varying sugar levels in your blood can act as a trigger, because the migraine brain doesn’t like change. (The book recommends eating frequently so you never get too hungry, I’m trying this atm as I often only eat once I’m hungry).

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A hydropic ear has exactly this issue btw. I get significantly increased symptoms after excess amounts of certain kinds of food. The last time was after red wine and cheesecake!! Balance didn’t go but boy did I have a lot more tinnitus and it became very pulsative!

“A second key element of the HDR is mini­mizing the use of solutes (salts and sugars) in the diet. Solutes require the body to use large amounts of fluid for dilution and digestion. This causes large fluctuations in body fluids and consequently in the endolymph, which can trigger hydrops symptoms. An important starting point of this diet is to avoid adding salt or sugar to food and to avoid eating prepared foods (those that come out of a can or other container).”

MAV seems to be indistinguishable from SEH in many cases.

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Good point!! Thanks lovely x

Thanks Helen for looking into this. Yes I had squirty cream and icing on cake etc? I know now when I’m having an attack as my cheeks look like they are burning. I will avoid all of these foods for a while whilst my threshold is low x

Great thanks Lucy! I definitely od’d on sugar, cream etc yest so will limit this for now x

Thanks so much James. I will take a look at the link! It all makes sense.

No problem. And I don’t mean to freak you out or worry you, just inform you. SEH is btw not Menieres though it shares some of the same issues anatomically but is as far as I can tell benign and just (very very!) annoying!! (And tends to get better over time unlike Menieres)

No you haven’t freaked me out. I’ve never been diagnosed with hydrops as that pressure testing and hearing test were normal. He said that the ear pressure is inflamed tubes. Hence why they pop and block all the time. It’s so frigging annoying. They have given me a super strong nasal spray which she said will work and I drink vit c which is meant to help. I doubt the nasal spray will do anything.

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Sugar is a huge trigger for me. So is carbs , i found too much rice brought back the bobble head and eye pressure. Zero sugar, low carbs more protein and healthy fats is the way to go.

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Oh I love rice!! Lol I’ll watch my carb intake and eat like a rabbit for a bit and see if anything happens :joy:

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Since i cannot do strict keto i do low sugar and carbs and more protein and fat.

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Sugar is a MASSIVE trigger for me.

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No way! Thanks for sharing

Look up the thread on Angela Stanton’s book. She thinks glucose interferes with the sodium/potassium gates in neurons causing cortical spreading depression = migraine and all it’s associated symptoms.

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“Fighting The Migraine Epidemic - Complete Guide”
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Thanks Emily, i’ll take a look.

Hi Emily. Thats so interesting and I have never heard that before! I am going to look up her book as well! R.