Hi all,

I’m back on. Had a major relapse, then my husband moved back from overseas and that always helps my symptoms. They seemed to recede fairly quickly. However, as he moved back, I also started trying to lose weight. I was doing the keto diet, which is basically no carbs and lots of healthy fats. It is a diet that has also proven extremely helpful for epilepsy and seizures.

Well guess what, it also really helped my MAV. Yes, I’m still.on my microdoses of 4 MAV meds. But I started to almost feel really normal again. Using the computer, elevators, wine - everything all my triggers and I was fine. UNTIL I “cheated” and started eating sugar again. Bam. Ears filled up, dizzy, totally off.

Just wanted to pass this info along - go and try no sugar for a while and see what happens. I know I’m going back to my keto diet ASAP!

Hope everyone is holding up okay.



I started the keto diet as well and eating lots of protein. Nothing improved yet but got my fingers crossed.

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Yes. Eg giving up deserts can really help.

Sorry to hear about relapses but it seems you are steadily getting on top of this. Well done!

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Had no idea! This is going to be my biggest struggle because I have the biggest sweet tooth but whatever it takes to get better

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Me too @Diana21! Especially since starting Amitriptyline. My craving for sugar and carbs have been out of control!

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Wow…i an doing IF…will combine that with low/no sugar…keto is still intimidating for me

Thanks for sharing Shaz

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Yep, sugar will throw me off too. Keto is good - especially if you use it to focus on fresh foods (meats and veggies) IMO.

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i have been doing the same and also feel great!

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as in i have been doing a low carb/keto diet. feeling good, no symptoms since i started it.


There is something related to epilepsy there I think. Klonopin which is a wonder drug for me is also an epilepsy drug. I think keeping the system even, with no sugar spikes, must help both vertigo and seizure modulation. My own personal opinion! And anecdotal experience…

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Interesting, as long as I only eat sugar after a full nutritious meal it doesn’t seem to change MAV at all. I do think stable blood sugar is important though, so when you kick yourself violently out of ketosis with a shot of sugar I can see how that would shock the system. I’m not sure you could totally blame that on sugar, but anyways lots of MAVers on here are reporting success with ketosis, so kudos to all of you! I’m still too scared to try it…

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