Sulphate in mineral water

Hey guys,

This sounds totally paranoid but I am at the moment. I’ve had unrelenting pain going on now for a good two weeks and this past week it has been really shocking. My gut hurts, neck aches, headache, legs hurt, sleep screwed up, more dysequilibrium – the works. It’s like the flu but without the bug.

So as always I’m looking for anything I might have changed in my diet that could be contributing to or escalating this. There is always something when things get this bad. Last week I bought a whole case of Pellegrino mineral water that was on special. Today I noticed the label stating it has 445 mg sulphate per litre or nearly half a gram per bottle. I can easily knock back a bottle of this stuff over an hour. Sulphates and sulphites are obviously migraine triggers and I know they definitely are for me.

I’ve never paid any attention to water like this thinking it was negligible but does this strike any of you as something that could be a serious trigger – in a bottle of water? It just seems incomprehensible coming from a bottle of mineral water yet compared to others, Pellegrino is orders of magnitude higher in sulphate concentration.


Just found this: The EPA Secondary Drinking Water Regulations recommend a maximum concentration of 250 mg/1 for chloride ions and 250 mg/1 for sulfate ions. Looks like Pellegrino knocks it out of the park.

Check out this comparison. This one states over half a gram per litre. Holy mineral water batman!

If you’d stuck to shredded heirloom Pellegrino you’d have been OK. Probably.

There is a stomach bug ‘sweeping’ Sydney right now (get ready to hit the Gross Out Button - apparantly due to human sewage being used as fertilizer). That could be contributing to your woes.

Not a bug. I get these sorts of symptoms frequently but at the moment it’s very nasty. That hand cream was the last culprit.

Ditch that rubbish and start drinking Evian which I once read was the best out of all the mineral waters…

I’m so sorry your pushing sh*t uphill with a fork at the moment. Hope all this crap settles real soon after you ditch the fizzy H2o.

Or if you live in a country with good sanitation you could just save yourselves a load of cash and drink tap water…

Pellegrino’s never given me any trouble, so far as I can tell.

:shock: Hey Vic , due to the flooding here a few months back , imported food has been on the shelves, China is notorious for growing veggies in their own fecies for fertalizer, I lived there and traveled with the locals it’s a fact, Groce.
oh and PS Australians do not shit on food! lol

Thanks all. The Pellegrino is probably a red herring but I’m going to skip it for a while just in case. Something is kicking the sh*t out of me – probably the new job in general? I don’t know. :?

Hi Scott
When I was in treatment for chronic fatigue and fibro, my doctors always concentrated on things like sulphites/sulphates,etc. I found a link online that has mention of sulphates and how people with chronic illnesses including those with MIGRAINES are deficient in sulphates but also do not process them efficiently when consumed: … hites.html. Just sounds to me like Pellegrino just puts an overabundance of good stuff (sulphates) into their product and your body has difficulty processing efficiently (sound familiar to all the other migraine food and beverage struggles??). That would probably be my luck as well… I’ve had problems with just flavored health waters, etc. Glad the new job is working out.
All the best!

No red herring, Scott. I’m very sensitive to fishy flavours.

As is evident from the name, mineral water is a water containing minerals. The water available in natural springs is usually rich in minerals and other element traces. The quality of water is evaluated by evaporating it and measuring the content of minerals in it.

— Begin quote from “Botswana”

As is evident from the name, mineral water is a water containing minerals.

— End quote

Thank you Captain Obvious! :lol:

I’ve always think of myself as Miss super-sensitive but I drink Pellagrino by the bucket load without any problem.


Pellegrino did it to me last week

— Begin quote from “Botswana”

As is evident from the name, mineral water is a water containing minerals.

— End quote

Vic – and did you know that obesity is caused by being overweight? Amazing eh? Glad we have guys like Bots around to clear up little confusions in life like this.