I assume that I am not the only one who has trouble driving on sunny days due to the sunlight flickering through the trees. Is anyone aware of a type of sunglasses (e.g., dark, polarized, special color, etc) that reduces the impact of this problem significantly? Seems like a tough nut to crack.

there is an outdoor version of theraspecs that I have that can minimize it. I have the outdoor and indoor versions and i wear the indoor ones all the time. They look quite cool and I get compliments on them all the time.

Thanks sheepdog - I’ll look into it!

of note – if you require prescription sunglasses, they do not allow returns. I’d just warn you of that before-hand because they are quite expensive

Thank you - I do not require prescriptions for driving. I emailed the company and got a quick, comprehensive response - with link to the various suggested styles.

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Looking like a member of the Beatles? :wink: :sunglasses:

yeah they’re great. they really meet quality standards and have great customer support.

yup or Robert Downey Jr!

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I am late to the party, so I see you have already found something to help. I may have to check into those as well. Someone from this site gifted me a free pair of MigraLens glasses and they help a lot especially when I go into places with a lot of fluorescent lighting. I think they are around $55 & up, give or take depending on style. These are probably cheaper than the ones mentioned in this thread for anyone that may not be able to afford the others. I thought I was a weirdo because it bothered me when I drove and saw the sunlight through the trees. I guess this is part of our “normal” now. I have Vestibular Migraines and more recently diagnosed with a Unilateral Vestibular Weakness. I have to go to vestibular therapy once a week. It just keeps getting better and better with this fn condition. I have a telephone hearing with an ALJ in 9 days (not just for this condition), so hoping to get some money coming in soon. I also have high cortisol that has thrown my whole body out of whack, so I am just a hot mess. Anyway, the Migralens’s are not the most attractive sunglasses, kind of thick and clunky, but they do help, and they fit over my regular glasses which is convenient. Hope this helps someone!

There are blue sunglasses in Sports stores (like Dick’s Sporting Goods). Those work the best for me, not polarized dark sunglasses. Blue is milder. I discovered that stealing my son’s baseball sunglasses. It helps a lot in the sunny walks as well. For the office I used Axon Optics, those are expensive, but I need them. When I am at home and the sun is shinning outside I still need a pair of sunglasses which are not dark. It is complicated, I know!!

Hi Katy,

Do the MigraLens glasses actually help with the sunlight flickering through the trees - meaning you get less ill when that happens?

Hi Maria,

What issue (specifically) does the blue lenses help with? Is your issue just that bright light bothers you or do you have a problem with flashing/flickering light?

i feel like for sunlight flicking through the trees you need something really dark. MigraLens might make an outdoor version

Thanks - I’ll check it out.

Sorry, just seeing this now. I understand what you mean, and probably the blue glasses will help with the flickering. The migraine glasses only help in front of the computer, but nothing else.

Yes, I have problem with bright light and flickering light. Blue glasses solve only sunlight. Migraine glasses like Axxon only solve the work in front of the computer. There is nothing ideal that works for everything. I seriously have a collection of glasses, sunglasses, that I carry with me all the time. When I am feeling better, the normal reading glasses are good enough for the computer. They are good quality and have protection against blue light. But other times my brain is more sensitive and they are not enough.

@Nomad I haven’t been on in a while, so I missed this. I had misplaced my Migralens during a recent move, but just found them again. I will have to try them out the next time I drive again to answer that. I wear them inside to help with fluorescent lighting, but I am not sure anything will help with the sun through the trees because I know that bothers me as well. The Migralens sunglasses I have are very dark though so I imagine they would help some.

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