Sunglasses stop me feeling dizzy

Anyone else have this and know why this is?

Hey Rob, how are you doing?

I think it’s because sunglasses block out the light and therefore dampen down all the sensory input to the vestibular system which can trigger or worsen migraine symptoms x

Hi Jem,

I am ok thanks how are you?

Its strange because as soon as I put my sunglasses on I don’t feel dizzy

I am not too bad bad thanks but still would like to improve more.

Have you asked Dr S about the sunglasses thing?

no i wish i had now though

I have the same. And I think it’s why I feel better in summer rather than winter.

Jem’s theory makes TOTAL sense.

Dr S will probably tell you something to do with the sun going round the moon and 2 nails banging into his 1 hand.


Dr S will probably tell you something to do with the sun going round the moon and 2 nails banging into his 1 hand.


Ha ha yes he does like his analogies Dr S doesn’t he!

How are you MM? Are you still on Clonidine and is it helping?

Did you get your Lyme results back?


Slightly similar/different, but here’s a study they did on using tinted lenses on people in a functional mri scanner (fmri- where the mri looks at the brain activity constantly, like a video mri but seeing which bits are working.), and they put stripes for instance, in front of people who had discomfort when looking at things like stripey lines.

The new research shows how coloured glasses tuned to each migraine sufferer work by normalizing activity in the brain. The researchers saw specific abnormal brain activity (known as hyperactivation) when migraine sufferers saw intense patterns. The tinted lenses considerably reduced the effect. … 052011.php

EDIT: Also, I just made someone who has a stripey shirt on that I can’t look at, stand in front of me while I grabbed the blue plastic filter I stick in front of my monitor, and held it up in front of my face. Like magic- the stripes stopped jumping around about 80% more than they were without the filter. AMAZE!!!

Hey Jem!

Often wonder how you are doing… What’s the score?

Thanks for asking…Yes I am still on the clonadine. I am up to 50mg at night and 25mg in the morning (when I remember to take it). I am a LOT better. I have been functioning well.
So I aim to increase it to 50mg in the morning.

However, what I have noticed is that stress and skipping meals wrecks me. A few weeks ago I had to take care of someone who had some epileptic fits, get him an ambulance and sit in A&E next to his bed for 6 hours. Those lights, skipping dinner and the stress of it all- well, I popped the valium myself and wobbled out of the hospital :slight_smile: The next week was an absolute write off and I am still suffering the affects. Last Saturday my cat had a stroke and had to be put to sleep. It sounds ridiculous but I was devastated and as any animal lover knows, it’s a particularly horrible thing to have to do. Of course… the dizziness came raging back.
The other day I went with no food until 3pm. I couldn’t walk!

So I guess these testing times at least have the silver lining of letting us know just how much we can handle :slight_smile:

As for Lyme, I had the test 2 weeks ago today so I expect them to call me any time within the next week. I am really fearful of the result to be honest due to the false positives and because I’m not convinced I had the right co-infection panels. But cross that bridge if it appears on the path I suppose.

Please let me know how you are doing??


very interesting. There is good research out there now that shows certain colours in front of the eye can help with Photophobia.

You can actually go and get tested to work out which colour best suites you as everyone is different. Once you know that you can have glasses made or a colour screen filter.

I am to vain to wear coloured glasses. Only Johnny Depp can pull that look off :smiley:

Places in London

There is small free application that changes the colour of your computer screen

its called screen tinter

I haven’t actually tried it yet

MM so glad the Clonidine is helping. I am on 35mg Nori and 100mg of Gabapentin. I have tried to up the Gabapentin but it makes me so unbelievably tired that I would rather be my usual baseline. I might try again taking an extra 100mg at teatime and see how it affects me and if I have got any more used to it as have been on it about 6 weeks now. If I am still really tired then I don’t think there is any way I will be able to take it throughout the day like Dr S said. Therefore I don’t think if that’s the case that it will be much help to me as 100mg is very low to be much help. I think I would have to ask to try another med. But I am not sure what?.. I know what you mean about anything out of the ordinary setting you off and making you much worse. I went to visit a friend in Liverpool for a few hours and it took me the whole next day resting to recover. Any stress and I go worse, any extra activity and I feel worse. It’s so annoying! Oh and the heat and humidity make me feel worse too!

Wow best of luck with your test results and keep us posted about the results. It’s a catch 22 with the results isn’t it. Hope Lizzie is okay too, not heard from her for a while xx

Sunglasses really help me as well. I mostly just have visual vertigo these days and do alright as long as I stay away from triggers. Wearing them on some days is the only way I can shop.