Anyone else just feel so Damn weird in sunlight? My brain fog seems to get so much worse on bright days to where my world is so damn surreal! I hate it!

This also makes me wonder. What is the difference between brain fog and depersonalization and derealization? I am pretty sure I just have constant, 24/7 brain fog, but I’m not too sure what this DP/DR I always read about is exactly…


For me, derealisation is very much different to brain fog. I would describe brain fog as a stuffy head kind of feeling, slow, wading through treacle.

Derealisation for me anyway, flicks on like a switch and thankfully mine occur in episodes. One second I’m normal, the next all sounds become amplified and as if someone else is making them ie if I start picking things up and moving them it sounds like I’m listening to someone else make the sound on tv with the volume up.

Also it feels like I’m watching someone else or someone is watching me.

And the most worrying, my inner thought process switches to somebody else’s voice screaming at me.

It then switches off as quickly as it switched on but I understand some people have it last months. I’d have to be committed of that happened. Wikipedia says it can be a symptom of migraine.

On sunlight, yes I agree but add sunglasses and I’m ok. Do u not find relief from sun light with glasses?

Same here - about sunlight! It sets off my symptoms, makes my vision worse…I so prefer grey days.
You’re not alone.

My best ~ Molly

I really do feel worse in sunlight, certainly a lot more spaced out! like i am living in some kind of bubble. It makes me feel really strange looking at a big open blue sky without any clouds.

Like msmolly I also feel better on grey days for sure!

Sunlight is ok for me. Bright grey days can trigger me to have ocular migraines with scintillating scotoma. Weird how it varies for different people!