I am interested to know who is taking supplements. Please could you list:

  • WHICH: which supplements you are taking?
  • WHAT: what is it for?
  • HOW MUCH: what dose?
  • HOW LONG: how long you’ve been taking it?
  • EFFECTS: what effects have you seen if any?

I am not taking any but have heard good things about magnesium, something for boosting serotonin and a B12.


Hey I’ve been taking high strength b12 and magnesium for a year or do. 1 Per day of each. No effects yet!!! Jem take a serotonin enhancer I think, Jem? Xx


I take Magnesium-OK supplements which are a mixture of various vitamins but I can only tolerate one every few days else my stomach feels off. I don’t really know if they help the migraine. I also take 5-HTP like Lizzie says but again only every few days because they give me vivid dreams. I think they help boost serotonin and make me a little clearer headed - they are 50mg supplements and I have been taking them since Nov/Dec 2012 x

Take a look at this website - posted by Janet a while back about the Migraine trials (not VM focussed) being run at Griffith Uni (sorry only Aussies are eligible!).
However, it gives you the doses of the different vits being used in the trial. The first trial is complete & apparently successful so they are now doing a ‘wider’ trial.
They are using a capsule consisting of 2mg folic acid, 25mg B6, 400micrograms B12. I would definitely add magnesium to that (maybe 2 mega mag tabs) if you can handle it.
Barb … ine-relief

I have been taking B6, B12, and folate (at the amounts mentioned above by Barb) plus 400mg magnesium each day for about 3 weeks now. I also started topiramate 9 days ago (1 week at 12.5mg, 2 days at 25mg). I have had some very low times of course, but today and yesterday seem to have had some almost old-time-normal times in them. It’s too early to be the topiramate I’m sure, so maybe the vitamins are doing me some good? Who knows? I will keep taking them, just in case. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have something so simple and seemingly safe actually work?