Suppose im a bit of a success story

Hi Guys and Gals,

Sorry I havent been on much - my symptoms have been so stable for so long Im starting to live a near normalish life…the Propranalol is stopping the Vertigo and Sleep shocks…and ive found something to ease my tensions (ive become a big fan of a well known classical singer - and her fan page is taking up a lot of my evenings) …saves stressing about my recent bereavement and the MAV> I would recommend you lovely people to try to get a passion to focus on …I believe a lot of this can be eased by trying to deal with the flood of anxiety chemicals and try to be content in yourself. Im still goin for tests at the hospital and hope the Propranalol keeps working its magic…and hope you can get to a place where you feel as equally happy in yourselves…Paul x

Well done mate! Great to hear! I hope things improve even further for you!

That’s almost exactly what my neurologist said: “Find something meaningful to do”