Swanson Chicken Broth and MSG

It claims to have no MSG except for what naturally occurs in autolyzed yeast extract.
Do you think that would be a migraine trigger???

I have used the Swanson Chicken Broth without MSG. It did not seem to trigger any dizziness and/or migraine. I have also been eating Campbell’s Select Harvest canned soups. They have no MSG, no artificial flavors. It does contain yeast extract. Some of the kinds of soup contain onions, which I think is a trigger listed in the Heal Your Headache… Book. I am rereading that book to better familiarize myself with dietary triggers since I am having an awful few days. The soups are a bit pricey compared to the regular campbell’s but it is well worth it.


Some onions are okay scallions, shallotts, spring onions ,You can sometimes find the soup on sale here we get two for the price one at Publix from time to time.

If MSG is a trigger for you - stay away from BOTH of the products you mentioned. Both contain MSG.

It may not bother (or be a trigger for you), but the only way to tell is to abstain from ALL MSG. Just because a product states on the label “NO MSG ADDED” does NOT mean it doesn’t contain MSG through other added ingredients. Its a “word game” allowed by the FDA, unfortunately, because it makes our food taste so much better, and so many try to avoid it these days.

Again, not everyone is MSG-sensitve, but unfortunately, not everyone truly knows, because its extremely difficult to stay away from it, and most don’t have what it takes to truly delete it from their diets.


MSG is the most difficult “migraine trigger” to avoid, only because its hidden in most of our processed foods. It took me over a year to delete it from my diet, but it was the BEST thing I ever did.

Campbells and Swanson ***Do Not ***make a safe soup as far as MSG goes.


I do not eat any soups because of the labels have hidden words that may contain the MSG. My husband buys the campbells but he does not have the problems I do…to me it is not worth the risk to even see. That is why I am very strict with my diet because I have found that otherwise I pay dearly for it. Like I have told people, (knock on wood) I have not had the headache part of this since I changed my diet…or at least not the terrible migraines I used to get.

Thanks for the link Kim!

So the question is what company does make a broth w/o MSG??
My chicken soup (from scratch) was a little band tonight w/o onions and my bouillon enhancer.


A company called “Imagine” makes a broth that I just recently started using without problems. I can find it at Publix, and my health food store. (Their website has a Store Locator)


Also, I sometimes make my own stock which is every bit as good. I’m not big into cooking, and I never would have thought it would work without bouillion, but it absolutely does. Very easy too.

Onions alone aren’t a huge trigger for me, but MSG is. I try and go easy on them however, because they are naturally high in glutamate, and cooking them for long periods of time is not good.


Thanks for the informative sharing and post. I am still waiting for a nice product but someone suggest me this products checkout for know better…!!

When I don’t make it myself, I buy the Whole Foods organic brand, which has onion but definitely no MSG.

You can always make some yourself. All you need is a crockpot or a stove, some veggies and chicken bones/scraps. If onions are a problem, you can use shallots or leeks to give you that flavor.

I ate a chinese last night after avoiding MSG for months but I then realised its in nearly everything we eat!!
I didnt feel any different afterwards maybe its not a trigger for me who knows but its so hard to avoid and Ive gotten less obessed about it anyways .


I am sure my visitors will find that very useful.

I buy this brand - Imagine - it’s at whole foods store and others too and it says no added msg and i don’t see any of the ingredients with the hidden MSG words in it. It might be okay but i’m not sure. It mostly says celery, onions, etc. i hope it’s safe but i can’t tell since i’m not sure i have food triggers yet.