Hi all,

I avoid aspartame because it gives me a headache, but I have always been okay with sucralose.
Recently I have had a couple of times things with Stevia based sweeteners in, and I have had headaches afterwards.
I though stevia was a natural sweetener and would be okay, but I am thinking now about avoiding it. Has anyone else had problems? It may just be coincidence.


I gave up aspartame years ago which helped me overall with other pain issues. (I actually gave up Diet Coke which was the best decision - no aspartame, no caffeine, less $$). I’ve used Splenda/sucralose for years but have been cutting back since my MAV got worse. Now I just use sugar if it’s a small amount. 1 teaspoon in my oatmeal - 16 calories - not a problem. For my herbal tea, I usually use stevia but occasionally Splenda. Neither of these cause an apparent reaction but I figure its probably best to limit them anyway.

Are you using actual Stevia without additives? There are a lot of brands out there which are fakes or combine Stevia with sugar alcohols which cause reactions in many people. Truvia, for example, is highly marketed but contains a long list of other ingredients besides stevia. Sweetleaf Stevia, I believe, is one of the best. But read the packages before buying to make sure.



Thanks for your reply.
I have only had stevia in drinks (vitamin water etc). I guess they must be using other ingredients too. I will probably just avoid those drinks in future.
I don’t use a sweetener at home as I don’t have sugar in my tea anyway.