Switching antidepressant medications

I found a good article for doctors about how to switch a patient from one antidepressant medication to another. Some of the drugs require a longer weaning-off period than others:

It includes a good chart:

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Great fibd…also covers amitriptyline to effexor(venlaflaxine) switch.

Manatee i see you alot . Why would psychiatrist go from ritalin to amytriptaline (oragne 1s) made me wet the bed Couldnt wake me next day off 1 .doxepin half a tablet same as amy sleep all night all day to pizotifen 500mcg which i have yet to build up courage to use and diazepam 5mg 2x a day temazepam 10mg 1x a day . And why do i rush or sort of speed have more energy if i take a temazepam at around 11 oclock in the morning after taking 1 diazepam at 6am b4 work . They dont make me tired i seem to focus and i can really work well on them . Im more interested in knowing why doxepin at 17 amy in my 20s and doxipen again in my 30s . And now what seems to be a migraine pill