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Switching from Dosulepin

Hey there,

My wife has been on Dosulepin now for 5 years for Vestibular Migraines which has helped with dizzy symptoms. Unfortunately, we moved to the states a year ago and it’s not available in the US. Plus every doctor we see has no idea what it is :frowning: We have been thinking about switching from Dosulepin to Amitriptyline which is available in the states.

Has anyone tried this before? Were you able to do a straight switch and not taper the medication?
Alternatively, has anyone come off Dosulepin onto another tricyclic antidepressant?

Any advice is appreciated.


As you will appreciate we aren’t doctors. I guess much will depend on how closely similar the two drugs are. I know it’s possible to switch straight from Amitriptyline to Nortriptyline. @naejohn on here has done that relatively recently. I have read Dosulepin is no longer being prescribed in some countries so there should be others in the same situation as your wife. Suggest you contact the source that was issuing prescription before your move to the US and ask them maybe. I’d certainly want to do that before embarking on having to come off one drug and start again with another knowing how sensitive our brains can prove to be.

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I agree, drugs are a dangerous thing when done wrong.