Swollen Lymph Nodes and Migraines?

Does anyone experience this? It is really worrying me. It started wit one in the back of my head and it went away bc i pricked it. Then i have one in my jaw line where the jaw meets. Have had it for like 3 months? It is small and feels like buckshot. Then i got one in my armpit has been there about 1 months. My doctor is going ot ultra sound the one on my armpit but it is really worries me. They are small and not huge but they are swollen. I do not have a virus, i have been on 3 rounds of antibiotics, and I do not have allergies. I am hoping this is a MAV thing. I am scared. I am so tired of worrying about everything. I just wish i could live my life again like it was normal.

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I have had swollen lymph nodes several times before I got MAV. I linked them to times I was feeling run down but not ill with anything specific. I don’t know that they are migraine-related but chances are if MAV has lead to you getting run down generally then that may be the reason for them. Of course they can be signs of various other illnesses as well so it can be hard to figure out exactly what is causing it. They usually settle down in a week or two, if they don’t then I would check with your doctor x

Yes i def feel run down. I have felt like that for 4 months. I wonder if its yhe meds?