Symptom comparison: Standing upclose

Adrir’s post on Convergence Insufficiency has got me thinking. So I thought I’d compare a symptom with everyone:

Standing up close to something makes me feel very off balance and wobbly. Looking in the fridge, at a painting in a museum, in the shower or at a notice on a wall, feels like I need to reach out and hold onto something. Anyone else?

Also, I tend to close one eye occasionally when driving, reading the computer. Seems to feel better and relieve some eyestrain. Don’t know if that’s MAV related. But maybe it leans towards Convergence Insufficiency.


Interesting about having to close an eye. You should get your eyes checked out for sure. By covering one eye, I am able to alieviate the waviness in my vision when looking at patterns or pictures, and I was told I have either convergence or divergence insufficiency–I can’t remember which one.

Essentially during my follow up eye exam she had me look ahead at the eye chart while she held an eye cover over one of my eyes. When she pulled that away, my eye swept out toward the outside and I felt very dizzy for a second or two. From what I remember it is my eyes straining to stay focuesd straight ahead at the same thing.

I just haven’t scheduled my first vision therapy appointment yet. My insurance doesn’t cover it, and it’s weekly at $100 a pop after the first eye exam at $285 so I was holding off. Of course I don’t know how long I’d have to do it, it depends on each person. But maybe I should get it scheduled!

I just got my eyes checked and am having to get glasses for the first time in my life because of the blurriness that comes and goes with the migraines…

This topic was never brought up but I totally understand what you mean when you stand up close- the shower is the worst! I live in a condo and I feel worst in my small living room and really feel the best outdoors and in wide open spaces! (I do not consider myself claustrophobic either)

Getting dizzy or off balance while standing up close to something is not unheard of in people with vestibular problems. It comes from the balance system also working with the eyes, and when you stand to close to something, you partially remove the visual component from the balance system, requiring more work from the vestibular system. With a bad vestibular system and part of the visual component gone, it can make it hard to balance.

BTW, if you didn’t figure it out, I get this symptom. :shock: I usually try to stand a little ways from thing, or make the time that I am up close limited to prevent it.