Symptoms increase same time every night

Hi all,

I’ve not been here for a while as I’ve been battling through the flare up I posted about previously.

The reason I’m posting is that my symptoms seem to hit me/ flare up/ become unbearable at around the same time every evening. Around 7pm I get a huge amount of anxiety come over me and then my head spins all night long. When I wake up I feel better and can function throughout the day at an ok level.

I spoke to Dr Surenthiran last Monday who said it’s most likely because I’m using my energy and masking my symptoms all day at work, so I crash in the evenings but it just feels a bit weird that it’s so perfectly timed and wondered if anyone else has had the same experience?


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yup – this happens to me. I get my symptoms later in the day

Could be fatigue related, also whilst at work you are distracted, when you get home its easier to notice symptoms flaring up. Also you are more relaxed at home, less focused on tasks. I notice my symptoms tend to be worse in the evening. I wonder if my Venlafaxine is wearing off by that point.

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This happens to me too, but I noticed it more intensely in the beginning of all this. Right around 6 PM I would get dizzy. I wonder if it’s food related, like a blood sugar drop before dinner or something

My symptoms flare up at roughly the same times every day, for no identifiable reason. I figure it could be peaks or troughs of hormones or some chemical that occurs natyrally in the body but i’ll never know cause no-one can explain it or is interested in studying it.

I also wonder if it could be related to the timing of meds – are they wearing off? I take meds before I go to bed and tend to struggle with vision issues late in the – could be a combination of fatigue and meds losing their effectiveness. Plan to speak to my doc at my next appointment.