Symptoms other than dizziness or headache

I searched through the forums but couldn’t find a topic that collates VM symptoms other than dizziness or headache and i thought it would be helpful ,particularly for new patients, if we could share the other symptoms we might experience that don’t include dizziness or headache which is predominantly what people discuss. Those other symptoms helped my doctors with the VM diagnosis so they might help others. So please list any other symptoms you have.

These have occurred for me in different phases, i don’t experience them all the time:

Light sensitivity
Noise sensitivity
Ear fullness
Mood changes (intense sadness or anxiety)
Feeling hot/flushed
Goosebumps and “chills”
Palpitations (ectopic beats)
Mildly bubbly unsettled stomach with very vague acid refux
Sensitive upper teeth
Derealisation (feeling like a puppet)

Actually, there is:

I would encourage people to post their unusual ones there in the Wiki at the bottom.

Let’s not duplicate here.

Ah fair enough, i didn’t see that one.

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