Is there an issue with discoverability on this site?

I wonder if there’s an issue with discoverability for the Support Wiki?

We recently had a member not seeing the Symptom List Topic and they felt there needed to be one (fair enough if there wasn’t one!)

However there was one, in #support-wiki and it’s linked on the Welcome Topic.

this symptom Topic is the first of the list of contents in the Welcome topic which is sat above with a big doormat picture on Desktop so I think discoverability on the Desktop is ok?


On mobile, however, the #support-wiki may need to be made more prominent on the site. It is a little buried once you’ve read the Welcome topic, although it’s available as a link on the hamburger menu as “Welcome”.

Then again, perhaps once you’ve been ‘Welcomed’, you don’t think to revisit that since you’ve already been welcomed?

There are numerous important topics linked off Welcome.

Perhaps we just need to rename “Welcome”, but it needs to work for new members as well as long-term members who may have forgotten its location and contents.

Also, on the Categories - vestibular disorders support forum page, the #support-wiki category often appears at the bottom because it rarely gets updated.

If anyone has suggestions on how better to improve discoverability on the site, please feel free to make suggestions.

I use the mobile site, where the welcome topic is hidden away - after tapping the “hamburger” icon it appears last on the list of topics that appear at the top of the menu. The most obvious point of attention on the mobile site is the large picture of a shopping basket leading to recommended products. I feel it would be helpful if the support wiki was given as much space, or that the products post was made part of the support wiki. You could then make that large image purely the support wiki for people to access all topics in the wiki rather than it being focused just on recommended products.

I tried various searches for symptoms but didn’t see that welcome post, which is why i didn’t realise there was one. Does the welcome post appear in search results? Maybe i just didn’t use the right search terms.

You’re point about users not looking in the welcome section once you’ve been here awhile is accurate. I think the term "welcome’ could be changed to something else.

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