Symptoms since May after I got a virus

I have similar symptoms since may after I got a virus. Since then I had 3 episodes that last 3 to 4 weeks. Now the last episode is not wanting to go away for more than 5 weeks. I fell dizzy, lightheaded, nauseas, low energy, pressure on head, some days with migraines, some days pains in different parts of my body. I was diagnosed with VM in September and I was also thinking possible POTS because my heart rate increases a lot, It is an awful condition. Somedays I get extremetly anxious.
I was prescribed Verapamil. I hope it works.


Welcome Ana! There are several members here with POTS. Sorry to hear you are suffering … I hope the site resources help you to find relief!

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Thank you! yes, POTS. The symptoms are very similar to VM. I am still trying to understand what I have. The ENT diagnosed me with VM. I just start taking Verapamil. I hope it works. I have head pressure a lot. Since November, I have been dealing with with the last episode that doesn’t go away. I hope to get more answers.

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I have been struggling with those symptoms for months. Sometimes I feel a little better but all over the sudden I get very cold and lightheaded. I am wondering if someone experience feeling very cold and lightheadedness at the same time. It is an awful feeling. Please let me know if anyone feels like that with Vestibular migraine.

I don’t but I hope someone here can help you.

Hi, perhaps not quite the same but I get very cold since starting with all things vestibular. It’s as if I’ve lost the ability to keep heat inside me. I really have to wrap up when I go out and if I get too cold, can start to feel lightheaded. I often sit with a hot water bottle to keep myself warm. Doesn’t sound quite the same as you, but perhaps similar?

Many common prescription drugs affect the body’s ability to control body temperature. Propranolol is one for sure. I have found extreme heat totally debilitating since taking it. I think I have read Amitriptyline is another. Whether some of this problem stems with some drugs from the fact they slow the heart as a lay person I can only guess. Some drugs affect/limit perspiration (betablockers) and some cause increased risk of sunburn (many older antidepressants for starters) because of the affect on blood circulation.

Of course shivering and other tingling (I remember @amylouise and her ‘goose pimples’ - you search this site for her thread if you want) can be normal migraine type autonomous symptoms that regularly occur with attacks. Sometimes I suspect it’s difficult to tell genuine ‘it’s really cold in here’ from those too because they can occur when other acute symptoms are present even outside acute attacks. I am actually experiencing such as I post this whilst still just (hopefully) beginning to recover from a particularly nasty attack.