These are the symptoms that I experience:

*Feeling of moving when I’m not
*A swaying/rocking sensation
*Feeling of being pushed forwards/backwards
*Constant feeling of movement inside my head- feels like a pendulum (sometimes like an intense surging/swinging sensation)
*The floor can feel as if it’s moving when I’m stood still
*‘popping’ in ears (usually my right)
*Fluttering sensation in ears with certain noises (usually my left)
*Sudden high pitched ringing in ears (usually my left)
*My eyes often feel out of focus and I have difficulty following objects
*I have visual ‘ghosting’ (slightly raised image of an object above itself)
*Brain ‘fog’ and difficulty concentrating

Can anyone relate to this? An ENT doctor suspects it’s labyrinthitis/vestibular neuritis.

How long has this been going on? If it’s chronic (months, years) that’s definitely not VN/Labs! (imho)

It’s been going on for well over a year

So you need to find a new doctor to seek another opinion. I find that a very odd diagnosis. You don’t have a viral infection for more than a few weeks, let alone a year!

And PS whilst it’s a fairly controversial opinion, I don’t think even a lot of acute symptoms like this are actual viral infections, it’s simply a cheap way to explain this to a patient, somewhat of a dogma. There is no test which can ascertain that it’s a viral infection.

There is surprisingly a lot of development room left in this area of medicine …

For next steps I’d discuss trying the MAV treatment protocol with your physician to see if you can at least find ways of making yourself feel better.

Your symptoms are similar to what many others here describe. Most of them have been told by at least one doctor that they might have MAV (migraine-associated vertigo) or VM (vestibular migraine).

Here are a few other threads here that you may want to read:

I was told by 3 doctors I have vestibular migraines. Yes, I went to three doctors in disbelief about this.

I had a bad episode last night from the weather which I’m still feeling some of today. You’re not alone.

Find a neurotologist. They’ll probably talk about prescription meds.
First, have you tried the migraine diet and also trying any supplements?

I haven’t tried the migraine diet or any supplements, I’m also waiting to see an inner ear specialist next month.

You could try the migraine diet to start and see if some of the foods trigger you. I notice trigger foods within 10-15 minutes.

You’ve pretty much listed all of my symptoms (well, I have a few extra, but I’ve almost all on your list). I’ve had a diagnosis of MAV by a specialist in neuro-otology.