I was wondering who shared my symptoms and who has had success in alleviating them with amitriptyline?

I suffer from:
constant rocking vertigo
imbalance when i walk and feeling like i’m being pulled around
constant shifting vision that moves quite severly
blurring vision unless i blink alot
twitching eye lid
neck pain
moments of feeling like i’m falling

These symptoms are always there but vary in severity. At times i can walk better than others. I have recently noticed that when starting amitriptyline and before my period, my shifting vision gets alot worse.

Look forward to hearing your success stories!


I am not a success story nor can I take ami. I just wanted to let you know that I share the same symptoms. All of them - and just like you said - they vary but they’re always there.

There is a section on this site just for success stories. You might find something in there that helps.

Wishing you well -

Thanks for your reply Molly. Why is it that you can’t take ami?

It was too many side effects.

I may try Topamax soon.


Good luck! have faith because you will get better. Everyone does eventually!

I have my worse symptoms sitting still. I feel like I’m on a boat and have tons of pressure behind my eyes. I have a heightened sense of smell, every scent drives me into a dizzy frenzy! My symptoms very much present like MDDS. I’m fine in motion but awful sitting or laying still.

Dirty blonde - i’m the same - when i’m in a moving car, train or bus i feel “normal” for the first time in ages, but as soon as the car pauses or i get out, it all comes back again. I’m finding it so hard to walk with my visual vertigo and rocking motion too - like i’m on a boat that’s in stormy weather. The room moves like i’m on a boat too - do you find this?
it is so much worse around and during my period, prior to a week before period, i was feeling a bit more stable when i walked, although still had bad moments… now i’ve got my period again and everything has been AWFUL for the past week… just started amitriptyline so hoping for some relief soon! Although i’m only on 5mg!

Hi Chick
5mg is a minuscule dose you would need more than that to see any results on this med Im now taking this and pitzotifen and seeing improvement x

Thanks i did try to start on 10mg but i couldn’t handle it and my vertigo got so much worse and was having night terrors and so drowsy! I am going to up to 10mg next week and then hopefully may see results! Thanks for your advice, i did think 5mg was a bit tinsy - but was still kind of waiting for results, it’s good to chat to someone who has had success with ami!

Yes, you sound exactly like me! I’m worse during my periods and laying down or sitting in a chair. I also have a lot of problems looking down too. But yes, sitting at a stoplight in a car feels like an eternity and once the car moves its like heaven Lol. I’m a few weeks into effexor and may have noticed a slight difference, but nothing substantial yet


You are very similar to me. My main symptoms are the feeling of being unbalanced, like when im walking the floor is moving (like being on a boat) and i also get the sensation that things are moving / swaying around me, although never the spinning vertigo.

I absolutely feel at my worst when standing still, slightly better when walking, and perfect when in motion ie. in a car, bus, train, plane.

I also get relief from laying down and to some extent sitting down. I have had true MDDS in the past so the doctors here think that it may have returned as spontaneous onset this time (without being on a boat or other form of travel before starting), which is possible apparently.

Anyways… I know exactly how you feel, its really not easy to deal with but try and stay positive… i have had many highs and lows with this but I hope after seeing Dr Surenthiran next month to finally get a real diagnosis and hopefully start to treat this horrid condition.

I have posted an online blog about my experience with MAV it might help I share some symptoms with you :slight_smile: … -blog.html


Dirty Blonde - it’s great to find someone who has the same symptoms. Gives me confidence that i am on the right path with my diagnosis. Just remember that these constant feelings of rocking vertigo can not go on forever. There’s no way! x

I have lots of your symptoms and have been on nori for a few months. I started it at my very worst in the midst of a relapse and I believe it is helping me now. I am currently at 30mg nori. I think ami is similar in many ways to nori so there is a good chance it will help you x

whosthatchick- you caught me on a frustrating day! I’m ready to give up my effexor. It’s been almost 3 weeks and i’ve felt no difference in my symptoms. I’m starting to wonder if my issue is even MAV now :frowning:

Dirty Blonde - Have faith. Trust your diagnosis. Remember you might have triggered something which is making you feel worse. Have you tried amitriptyline. Success rate is very high and keeping it simple!

Jem - good to hear you’re feeling some improvement. Trust that it is an improvement and try to do what you can xx

Whosthatchick- I’m a patient of Dr Hain who pushes effexor. I tried to get elavil out of him and he really pushed effexor so I figured give it a shot and if it doesn’t work then I will try elavil. My sis takes elavil and has great results. She also gets migraines