Syrinx and Migraines?

Does anybody have syrinx in their spine and also experience vestibular migraines?

I do! Can I ask if you found any relation to your syrinx and migrane?

I have one in the thoracic spine region. I doubt it’s related. From what this article says, it sounds like it’s only if it’s in the brain stem that it might cause vertigo.

Syringobulbia (a syrinx in the brain stem), which is rare, may cause vertigo, nystagmus, unilateral or bilateral loss of facial sensation, lingual atrophy and weakness, dysarthria, dysphagia, hoarseness, and sometimes peripheral sensory or motor deficits.

Thanks for your reply. I also have one that runs along my spine. The neuro I went to see wants to investigate further. I doubt they are linked thou.

So I went to see a neurotologist that completely baffled me :thinking:

He said my symptoms including pulsatile oscollipsia do not sound like vm.

I have a syrinx in my spine which he wants to investigate as the likely cause. I doubt this very much, however I am willing to go along with further testing.

Has anyone found a link with this condition and vm?

Hi Natty. Can only suggest you interrigate the database on here through the Search facility. You’ll find quite a few references to this, mainly from a poster called @beechleaf. They are old but stil valid. Glad you are going on with the search. Just maybe they will find an answer for you, and a cure. Travel in hope and keep us posted. Helen

Thanks Helen.

I have tried but can’t find much in the search. What words did you input? I’ve put syrinx and syringomyelia

I was looking at pulsating oscillopsia as a symptom of … anything. Link with? Helen

Thanks Helen x

I have been diagnosed with VM, and just found out I have a syrinx in my cervical spinal cord. I see my pain doc / neurologist next week to discuss treatment. We were also leaning towards hemiplegic migraine because I have trouble with my extremities. Sounds like the syrinx may be the cause. I will let you know what the doctor believes